Quality characteristic: Own tool shop

As central tool making department (Musashi Grolsheim GmbH & Co. KG) for the Musashi Group, our workforce of currently approx. 120 employees produces, in multi-shift operation, all basic and contact tools required for hot and cold forming and subsequent machining.

Tool quality is also a decisive factor in product quality. By maintaining our own design departments, we ensure that our know-how is also transferred to our own toolmaking departments. It goes without saying that the tools required, from creating a 3-D model and generating the CNC machining programmes, are available and communicate with the respective processing machines at our central toolmaking department in Grolsheim.



We secure our decades of know-how in tool construction for the future by training our own toolmakers and cutting machine operators. Our experience in 5-axis milling, robot welding and hard machining enables us to produce all the tools and production facilities cost-effectively at our own premises.